Jalani Havan Samagri

हवन अथवा यज्ञ भारतीय परंपरा अथवा हिंदू धर्म में शुद्धीकरण का एक कर्मकांड है। कुण्ड में अग्नि के माध्यम से देवता के निकट हवि पहुँचाने की प्रक्रिया को यज्ञ कहते हैं। हवि, हव्य अथवा हविष्य वह पदार्थ हैं जिनकी अग्नि में आहुति दी जाती है (जो अग्नि में डाले जाते हैं).हवन कुंड में अग्नि प्रज्वलित करने के पश्चात इस पवित्र अग्नि में फल, शहद, घी, काष्ठ इत्यादि पदार्थों की आहुति प्रमुख होती है। ऐसा माना जाता है कि यदि आपके आस पास किसी बुरी आत्मा इत्यादि का प्रभाव है तो हवन प्रक्रिया इससे आपको मुक्ति दिलाती है। शुभकामना, स्वास्थ्य एवं समृद्धि इत्यादि के लिए भी हवन किया जाता है।

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Tradition Aspect of Havan

In the Hindu religion, all new beginnings are marked by the auspicious havan. The idea is to offer prayers to the pantheon of Gods for prosperity and perpetuity of the said event. Fire has a very prominent place in Hindu rituals. According to the Vedas, a human being is made of five elements - fire being one of them - which are also represented in the Supreme. Therefore, the sacred fire is supposed to signify a communion of man with God. As such the offerings made into the ritual fire or havan, such as ghee or camphor, symbolise physical attributes (in this case, ego) which are sought to be consumed by the fire to bring about purification. Thus such a ritual purifies the environment by cleansing all impurities in the physical and psychic bodies.

Why Do We Perform Havan?

Havans are performed for several purposes; to dispel the negative energies in houses; to destroy negative life patterns; to annihilate negativity, curses of previous generations and also for counter black magic effects.
Havans also bring in high energies into houses, thereby paving way for positive thoughts, actions etc. They help in re-vitalizing the three energies in our body (Vata, Pitha, kapha) and help in maintaining energy balance.
During the havans, the divine energies from the deities flow into the body of the performer and thereby cleanse them of all negative energies and destroy negative samskaras.
They also bring in positive energies, which in turn affect and change the outside world.
The deities invoked during the Havans form a protective shield around the performer to safe guard them from any further evil energies.

Jalani Havan Samagri

Jalani Havan Samagri is very sacred and each item is significant. Jalani Havan Samagri made up of pure, superior, natural herbs and roots with ideal of natural ingredients product.
The process of eradicating inner imperfections prevalent in our being is called havan. This process has all the healing techniques incorporated in it beautifully. It is a rare combination of acupressure, touch healing, meditation, psychiatry, knowledge and wisdom.
Jalani Havan Samagri includes everything that is used for havan. This sacred powder is used for peace, prosperity of marriages, and other festive occasions. This composition of pure, superior, natural herbs and roots is an ideal product. Jalani havan samagri are used for different diseased. Ordinary yagya is generally useful uniformly for all. It nourishes all the participants uniformly. Just as mother's milk does to her child its does not harm anybody but benefits in general debility. We eat by our mouth, GOD GODESSES eat with the help of GOD Agni, i.e. with the help of different / different MANTRA (Say SWAHA: at the end of MANTRA) Put JALANI HAVAN SAMAGRI inside the AGNI (fire as per written in ancient books) GOD get pleased with this, & help to perform & good activity, solve your problems, etc.!

Rituals involved in every Havan

The common rituals for every havan are as follows :
• Pavitra Dharanam & Prarthana
• Achamanam & Siromarjanam
• Sthala Shuddhi
• Mahaganapati Puja
• Kalasha Puja
• Sri Bhagavati Bhagavan Pooja
• Agni Pratishtapanam, Dhyanam & Agni alankaranam
• Sankalpam
• Pradhana homa
• Jayadi homa
• Purnahuti homa
• Pradakshinam, Namaskaram & Prasthanam
Havans are age-old sacred rituals to invoke and propitiate various deities using the sacred fire as a medium for the attainment of various wishes and boons in the materialistic and the spiritual world as well.
The sacred fire acts as a link between man's consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. A Havan can achieve a number of things including: • Cleansing of the atmosphere
• Cleansing of the physical and psychic bodies
• Awakening of auspicious energies
• Enabling mystical experiences
• Invoking grace of God in our Lives
Havan is a scientific procedure, which is associated with the science of mind and soul. This science was realised by our great rishi-munis or seer scientists in Vedic times, through their mind power.

Uses of Jalani Havan Samagri:

Jalani Havan Samagri is used for every type of Havan like Anaprashanam (Baby's first feeding of rice) , Ayushya Homam , Gruhapravesham, Karvachauth (Suhag Vrath), Marriage Ceremony, Mrithyunjaya Homam, Mundan Puja, Namakaranam, bhumi pujan, bahi pujan, lagan (Marriage), Navagraha Homam, Punyaha Vachanam, Satya Narayana Puja, Yagya, Seemantham, Shanthi Path, Havan,Srirama / Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Utsavam, Shivji puja, durgastami, navratra pujan, durga puja, guru purnima, Mahalaxmi pujan in India.

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Jalani Havan Samagri 200gm Pouch Packing 12 Box = 1 Dzn 6 Dzn in a Carton
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